Analysis of modified adhesive label printing problems

And pressure problems

Printing pressure effect on the printing quality is very large. Effective print uniform constant pressure in the region, not only make prints with even ink color, small color difference, can make the print size and stability. But reduce the hardness of flexo is limited, if flexible hardness is too low, will make the frame geometry expansion, to small fonts easily blurred. Large-area printing, printing pressure problem is not easy to solve, to this, we use a method that is used when blocking, mat on the Workbench layer drying 175 line screen lines, silicone rubber of hardness of 90 °, so you can solve the problem of exhaust and the partial pressure of less than.

Second, the Paste version

Small text as eighth the following fonts because the string spacing is too small, often drying in the above phenomena, resulting in adhesions cannot distinguish between graphics and text, this is mainly as a result of ink drying too fast. The most fundamental way is to find out the exact exposure time, produce standards-compliant resin. Fonts special fine's recommendations for copper-zinc, copper and zinc of the font is not easy to dry ink, but fonts hard, relatively easy to print clear strokes. In terms of operating environment, pay attention to reduce the air flow, if it doesn't work, can add in the ink is slow drying agent to reduce drying rate. Relative increasing printing speeds that can prevent excessive drying.