Car waterproof sticker is what material?

Knife carved process car posted a,. knife carved process: refers to computer will vector graphics entered knife carved machine Hou, knife carved machine will not dry rubber film CD cut preset of graphics shape, again by manual will different of color mosaic in with making completed, last in finished car posted of surface cover a layer transparent of transfer film, in paste car posted Hou moved except; due to knife carved car posted making process complex, material cost high, currently only for personality car and car friends will team of small scale custom;

B. print, and inkjet, and photo, and screen printing, process: refers to computer will vector or pixel pictures entered machine Hou, machine according to graphics to inkjet or screen technology will color ink print or screen in transparent or white end of film Shang, then after knife version along pattern side CD cut shaped; currently most manufacturing enterprise (as motorcycle, and electric bike,) of production car posted process are used screen printing process;

C. metal craft and others: metal craft the after machine pressed sheet metal such as aluminium convex surface, made with metallic paint colors, and finally polished, brushed, such as the production of bumper stickers (logo); metal car sticker size should not be too large, currently they can only be used for a small range of iconic bumper stickers.