E-commerce rules broken packaging design

Challenges facing e-commerce package also provides a unique opportunity. Following insights come from food and beverage packaging panel discussion session, EastPack exhibition held at the same time in the near future "packaging design of the capitalization of each link on the e-commerce".

Here is the Conference's host kelisi┬ĚKening, Chief Innovation Officer of thought-provoking ideas on food packaging. Kaoning reminds us that most of the packaging design for people who haven't really changed the store shelves for decades. But in business, and for food packaging and shelves no hard limit, so that brands can rethink what is the best size for using the product. His example was canned Italy number of ounces spaghetti sauce. Most consumers will not be a one-time eat a whole jar of pasta sauce, pasta sauce sold in the stores is just the size of this component. Electrical contractor for package design is not qualified, designers do not consider shelf height