Flat die-cutting operation

1) do not use die-cut die cutting of paper material thin film materials, because the blade is worn, not fit to die-cut film.

2) platen die-cutting to minimize die-cutting area: in particular, full of small labels, large space, knife, and quality is difficult to guarantee.

3) platen die-cutting mats are often replaced, especially processed live long version, because the cut will affect the new layout label of quality.

4) always check the cutting quality, especially in automatic labeling label. To avoid the float to the surface large quantities of quality issues. Detailed inspection is to smear on the signal at the end of the paper, check paper cut seepage seep.

5) die-cut labels large, complex patterns, professional manufacturer of die making, so as to guarantee the precision die-cutting.

6) to keep the blade sharp, archives record usage of each die, so as to replace the blades.

7) using small-angle. Special knives of high hardness die-cutting adhesive film, especially PET material.