Magnets can endothermic or may in the future become the refrigerator refrigerant

Magnet, the magnetic moment to rotation and arranged in different directions. At absolute zero, the magnetic moment of arrangement allows the strongest magnets produce magnetic; as temperatures rise, more magnetic moment spin more out of sync, magnetic force weakens. Magnon is produced as the temperature rises. Magnon is a quasiparticle in the magnet, is the common spin magnetic moment formation, also called the "Butterfly".

Magnon is a lot like electrons. Thermal conductivity of electron charge and simultaneously, in the presence of electric or thermal movement, a phenomenon the thermoelectric effect. Scientists have been studying the thermoelectric effect, such as thermoelectric generators convert heat directly into electricity, refrigeration or without any moving parts. Magnon can be in the presence of two kinds of movement: temperature and magnetic field. Researchers have developed thermoelectric described in the electronic transmission of the Boltzmann transport equation, obtained after two new equations derived to describe the transmission of Magnon. They can use the new equation to predict the magnetic vibrator cooling effect, similar to the thermoelectric effect. When Magnon is at different magnetic field, can carry heat moves from one end of the magnet to the other end.