Professional designers in the Scirocco car sticker design contest spree

Volkswagen (China) sales limited East launched the "play park-post cool fashion" Scirocco car sticker design competition since its was launched on November 10 by the majority owner and fan attention. It is worth mentioning that, originally of activities for the general public, has attracted many professional designers competition attracted attention in the design field, which makes the competition works in the quality has been greatly improved, read more.

Lu Fang is the "CCG boom car Museum" brand, founder and design Director, in the graphic design industry for nearly 10 years, worked in Coca-Cola's, Kentucky Fried chicken, McDonald's and other famous enterprises, as well as hundreds of property brand image promotion, he was responsible for the projects selected over the years real estate Yearbook, there are many awards at home and abroad. Lu Fang said: "we advocate AUTOVOGUE tide car brands are rapidly rising, joined Volkswagen Scirocco car sticker design contest is no accident, the tide car Museum design idea and Volkswagen car sticker designs all have a common goal, that is tailored to your car for you, with your own personality is best melody in the young people of this era. We have many well-known automobile design custom before the appearance of bumper stickers, many of which are world cars such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, designers in the process of creation of not only making the best ideas, but also to more deeply understand the essence of these brands. "