Screen printing characteristics of ceramic decal categories

1) of ceramic decal paper for ceramic ware pattern and colour decoration, hand-painted and sprayed color process that can be replaced.

2) ceramic decal graphic screen printing resolution up to 40~50 lines/cm.

3) screen printing ink designs on the ceramic decal affixed to the ceramic ware after the required in 700~800℃ or 1100~1350℃ high temperature firing can be attached firmly, with ceramic color chromogenic reagent depends on the variety.

4) ceramic decal is the carrier of ceramic decorative motifs, divided into decal and ceramic glaze ceramic glaze decal. Colored paper through different, slightly different.

5) due to the ceramic ink hiding power, transparency, so is not currently printing by using trichromatic color theory, network printing with non-overlapping side-by-side special color ink dot print.