The classification of ceramic decal printing

1. glazed ceramic decal paper screen printing

Decals on ceramic glazes are ceramic ware glazed, rear decal, and then sintered, patterned pottery color screen printing in PVB (polyvinyl butyral) film on the surface, PVB film is coated with a vinyl chloride adhesive (180g/m2) coated on the bottom paper 2 solution of PVB (total thickness of 0.01~0.011mm) to get. When in use, first of all will be the end of paper and screen printing pattern of PVB membrane separation and PVB film reposted after soaking alcohol into the ceramic ware glazed, and then through the 780~830℃ sintered, carbonation decomposition of PVB film, color patterns on the surface of pottery, complete the pottery color transfer.

2. ceramic decal paper screen printing

Ceramic decal is in ceramic ware decal on the embryo, and then coated with a transparent glaze, burn at a high temperature to form a colored ceramic ware. Ceramic decal paper screen printing on printing load paper flower, which contains flower paper is made from cotton paper and 180g/m2 paper pulp is temporarily mounted together to get the mounting fluid made with adhesives and filling according to the certain proportion of mounting timely and must use special liquid layers. Vector graphics for cotton paper, also known as paper, when used, will be provided in ceramic decal transfer embryo, after you remove the backing paper, coated with transparent porcelain glaze, glaze layer covers the whole porcelain embryo and 1350 deg sintered porcelain embryo into a colorful ceramic ware.