Metal Etching Craft

Product Details

We can make high precision parts from foil as thin as 0.025mm. 

Main metal material we can photo etching including:

Stainless steel, iron, brass, copper, Kovar, Molybdenum

Surface can be paint color, gold/silver plated or mirror finish

Products can be made according to your drawing in .dxf or .dwg format.

Please feel free to contact us for the quotation.

  • fine screens and meshes

  • anodes and cathodes

  • fuel cell plates

  • optical encoders

  • battery grids

  • heat sinks

  • thermal planes

  • EMI/RFI shields,

  • electrical contacts

  • microwave components

  • step and flat lids

  • medical apparatus

  • medical implants

  • lead frames

  • thin shims

1. Small quantity, short time delivery

Photo etching is suitable for prototype, It can save the time of opening a mold. 

2. High-precision

We guarantee dimenstion tolerances that cannot be reproduced by competitors.        

3. Ability to add multiple features

We are capable of adding a variety of features to metal parts

(coating, plating, bonding different kinds of metal, multigage skiving, etc.). 

4. Unique technology and custom-made solutions

We provide customed solutions to your problems with our unique

technologies and well versed knowledge of metal parts acquired through

our 10 years experience of photo chemical etching.  

5. Lower total cost

We taking your processing into account,

offer you reduce a total cost by using our product.  

Machining Type Photo chemical etching, Laser cutting, stamping and E-forming

1.Material Capabilities Stainless Steel, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Hardened Metals, Precious Metals and Aluminum alloy.

2.Product thickness: 0.001'' up to 0.045''

3.Product Max Dimension: 27*27 inch

4.Smallest opening hole D= 0.0039 inch when thickness below 0.002''

5.Centre to Centre for holes 1.5*Thickness

6.Smallest line width 0.03mm.

7.Product dimensional tolerance ± 0.01mm (depending on the thickness). It’s generally 20% of material thickness.

8.Secondary processing:Silver/Gold/Tin plated, Matt finish, paint, polishing or other surfaces treatment can be discussed when needed.

9.Two types of image files (DXF/DWG) enabled