Car Sticker Color Bright

Car stickers are labels that have the effect of beautifying and pasting in automobiles, motorcycles and other vehicles. Car stickers carved, printing type, reflective type of three major categories. One of the best reflective materials, Non-stick paint, the highest price. Printing stickers are easy to stick, Car Sticker easy to peel off, and much cheaper.

Car stickers have good weather resistance and excellent surface-mount performance, generally have 1-3 years of use; reflective car stickers with traffic signs and license plate the same reflective function; These types of stickers suitable for all types of models, and can be based on the owner's body color change color scheme to achieve the best results.

Car stickers with waterproof sunscreen, oil, high temperature, not fade, bright color, Car Sticker degumming does not leave traces, with the most stringent outdoor weather resistance characteristics.

Car stickers can be divided into sports stickers, modified stickers and personalized stickers three categories.

Car stickers not only a variety of styles, Car Sticker the Post method is very simple, only need the following three steps on the OK:

I. Tool preparation

We need to prepare the tools in advance before sticking the car stickers: car stickers, scraper, knife, hot hair and so on.

II. Operation Process

Keep the body clean and find the right location. First fixed on the side of the sticker, while using the scraper gently scraping, while tearing off the body stickers themselves carry the backing paper. Car Sticker To sink the heart to pay attention to slow and steady, sticker edge with scraper more than a few times, so that car stickers and body more fit.

III. FOLLOW-UP examination

Check the body and car stickers are separated or raised place, if there is a bubble in the case can be used to use the knife to gently uniform the inside of the blade of the gas released on the good, in the appropriate time can also use the wind drum in the picture above the heating, Car Sticker the body material softening and body more fit.