Car Stickers Can Withstand The Outdoor Wind And Sun

Car stickers can be divided into basic sports stickers, modified stickers and personalized stickers three categories. Car Decal and Car Decoration (Car Decal) and motorcycle decals (English translation of Motorcycle Decal) two, April 20, 1887 held in Paris, the world's first car The first time in the race, Car Sticker the car side of the car side door must be affixed to the entry number to identify, this is the first car paste form, after a long car and motorcycle race promotion, a large number of sponsors into the racing industry, Car Sticker racing body began to appear The sponsor of the advertising nature of the brand car stickers, such as the famous Ferrari team sponsor Marlboro, etc., so that we are currently called the modified car stickers and signs posted, it can be said that the first large-scale popular car is originated in the car racing ; The rapid development of car stickers from Europe and the United States and Japan, the rise and popularity of the automotive industry, the car population gradually younger and family personalization, Car Sticker due to the young character and the style of the car, car stickers popular, and gradually swept the world. Car stickers of the material is mainly able to adapt to outdoor conditions of PVC outdoor adhesive stickers, it requires more than ordinary advertising materials and wear-resistant anti-UV, etc., although the material and color fabric is not so rich, but there are ordinary, Luminous, metal reflective, laser reflective, metal wire drawing, and so many kinds of options. Car stickers up and down the whole car up and down, the car on both sides, hood, lamp, skirt, wheels, Car Sticker as long as the existing laws and regulations within the scope of a reasonable creation, you can enjoy the owner's personality hobbies. Car stickers are not young people's patents, people of all ages, as long as the love of car culture, love life can be found from the car stickers. Car car stickers must withstand wind and sun, car stickers must have waterproof, sunscreen, Car Sticker Should not fade and tear after no glue and other durability, so the current car stickers to choose the best stickers, stickers of color and materials made by a special process, at the factory that has the highest color durability , And other car sticks production methods such as printing, inkjet, photo, screen printing process is used to inkjet inkjet or screen in the base film to the current scientific and technological means, there is no pigment ink can withstand long-term outdoor Of the wind and sun.

Auto stickers distinctive features, nice, many owners of this friend never tired of this tire. Car stickers pattern modeling thousands of odds, different styles of car stickers passing the feeling is much the same, whether it is cool wind, sports wind or literary style, Car Sticker lovely wind can be perfect HOLD live, give your car a new look a feeling of! Car stickers in addition to beautify the body to show personality, but also can protect the paint cover scratches. What about stickers?

Cool style can choose more personalized stickers, very personalized stickers are often more eye-catching in the car.

Sports style can choose a more dynamic stickers, a strong sense of movement patterns, just the simple pull flowers can also create a sports style.

Arts and style can choose to feel fresh stickers, cute style can choose cartoon stickers, such as Ding Dong cat, sponge baby, crayon, and so on, you can also choose some beautiful style food stickers.

Car stickers not only style, posting method is very simple, Car Sticker only need the following three steps on the OK:

First, the tool is prepared

Before we stick the car stickers we need to prepare the tools to be used in advance: car stickers, scraper, utility knife, hot hair and so on.

Second, the operation process

Make sure the body is clean and find the right place. First fixed on the side of the stickers, Car Sticker while the use of scraper gently scraping, while tearing up the body paste itself to carry the end of paper. To sink calm attention to the speed of slow and stable, stickers at the edge of the edge with a number of scraping scraping, so that car stickers and body more fit.

Third, follow-up inspection

Check the body and the car stickers whether there is separation or protruding place, if there is a bubble can be used to gently draw a knife to the inside of the gas release just fine, Car Sticker in the appropriate time can also use the hairdryer in the screen above the heating , Then the body material softening and fit the body.