Car Stickers Highlight The Owner Of The Grade

Car stickers can be divided into basic sports stickers, modified stickers and personalized stickers three categories

Car stickers is in the body appearance of a variety of patterns affixed to the car stickers, so that the body is more colorful. Car stickers not only highlight the contours of the body, Car Sticker but also coordinate the body color, giving a rich association and comfortable psychological feelings.

Car stickers can highlight the owner of the grade, rich body beauty, but paste must be reasonable and legitimate.

Car stickers must withstand the wind and sun, car stickers must have a waterproof, sunscreen, not fade and tear after leaving no glue and other durability, so the current car stickers choose to stickers as the best, Car Sticker sticky color And the material made by a special process, at the factory that has the highest color durability, and other car stickers production methods such as printing, inkjet, photo, Car Sticker screen printing process is used to inkjet ink or screen in the base film , To modern scientific and technological means, there is no pigment ink can withstand long-term outdoor sunshine.

Auto sticker installation steps

Material: transfer film, rag, scraper or credit card.

1. Clean the body, in the parts to be posted on the uniform water - to reduce the sticker viscosity, easy to adjust the location;

2. After confirming the paste position, slowly side of the paste, Car Sticker while gently scraping with a tool, while exposing the transfer film (pictorial translucent paper);

3. Encountered door handle or anti-rubbing bar according to the situation to cut the material and included;

4. appropriate adjustments, the general position of the graphics to be correct, forced repeatedly scraping water and bubbles. Tearing the transparent transfer film;

5. In the door and sewing with a knife to draw a knife, Car Sticker inward package service;

6. Do not let the car stickers and body any separation or protrusion;

7. Try to make the car stickers in the water dry, Car Sticker the conditions can be moderate heating drying. According to the weather, after a day or two after the car wash.