Car Stickers To Attract The Attention Of Consumers

The so-called car stickers is essentially a special paper, mainly a variety of materials such as PVC or PET, in the material can also be divided into carving and printing type, for different stickers, the use is also very different, such as PVC Good chemical stability, but also in the price is relatively low, Car Sticker but with poor heat resistance and great odor of the shortcomings, and PET although the performance is better, but the price is not cheap and not absorbent.

Classification of automotive stickers

1, sports stickers: This kind of stickers In fact, we in the racing game or the film can be seen, the main stickers on the logo is about the team's team or some of the logo and the like, Car Sticker there are some racing stickers are sponsored Business titles such as F1 racing cars often have some sponsor's mark on top.

2, personalized stickers: This stickers are also the most common on the market stickers, but also according to the owner's personal preferences to choose, Car Sticker in Taobao shop or physical store can be purchased, such as some of the more common cartoon patterns, landscape plans or Some network terminology and so on.

3, modified stickers: This is generally used by the modified manufacturers, but also in the auto show is often able to see such topics, the general use of the group are colorful, Car Sticker very attractive to consumers, and are According to different models for the most appropriate pattern, so it looks more pleasing.

Precautions for car stickers

1, for the internship, such as the use of the corresponding internship logo, this is in accordance with the provisions of China's traffic law, and the stickers are used in a unified style, Car Sticker but also in the internship period is more paste within 12 months.

2, car stickers different use of some special colors, for ordinary owners in the purchase of stickers on the body color when the conversion, do not paste the fire for the red, the national law enforcement under the blue and so on, or will be punished The fine.

3, car stickers can not be used in some very fancy, unhealthy patterns, Car Sticker too fancy patterns will affect the other owners of the normal driving, and unhealthy designs in addition to the above also has a trial can not pass the impact, so the owner Also need to carefully choose.