Constant Step Cascade Press Top Grade Adhesive Label The Best Models

1, the use of ceramic anilox rollers in ink.

2, each printing unit adopts 360 degree weeks to adjust.

3, random with three die-cutting stations, first to second group die-cutting station for mould-cutting roller and die-cut roll at the end of the upper and lower swap, can be used for front or back of die-cut and is equipped with a set of waste rewind unit, and the third die-cutting station can be broken.

4, PC correction device located in front of the printing group, this design rolls of paper throughout the production process, all around in the right position. (Standard)

5, according to the user needs matching cutting conveyor devices, from the third die-cutting station after the break, product order delivery.

6, unwinding, winding adopts magnetic powder brake and clutch control (or matching Japan mitsbish aut tension controller).

7, can be selected still picture monitoring system according to user requirements, monitor pictures at high printing quality.

8, inking roller can automatically fall off when parking, and low-speed rotation to prevent dry ink.

9, the main motor adopts imported frequency conversion stepless speed regulation.

10, tube feeding, printing, auto infrared drying, coating (glazing), die-cut, roll or cut sheets at once, is the printing trade paper, top grade adhesive label the most desirable models.