Die-cutting Knowledge Mat Cutter Foam And The Importance Of Cutting Tool

Self-adhesive die-cut, die-cut into the most special way. Because the molding material is different from ordinary paper and cardboard, so it takes common die-cutting tool is difficult to achieve. When you select accidentally if, buy a mistake or wrong cutting knife, beer die-cut, die-cutting tool appears cut off the adhesive layer and adhesive adhesive labels around when the blade lift (partial) and away from the backing sheet formation split status inflict direct damage, consequences of the original product.

So in the area of self-adhesive products must be adapted to the selected cutting tool types. In addition, when self-adhesive blades are defective, and should not be installed on the cutter on the template, because when the exhaust side-band label will always reside in the same location, the label from the exhaust side blade gap will be pulled and will have pulled off the paper fibers.

This has seriously affected the quality of their products. This is mainly due to the body flaws raised some of the material did not adequately separate, but easily taken away by the exhaust side of the label, so overall, die-cutting tool selection for die-cut especially self-adhesive die-cutting is very important!