How To Post A Car Sticker

Car stickers three categories of detailed explanation

Sports stickers

Sports stickers, mainly refers to the car sports stickers, venue race and rally used models and track are different, car stickers also have the appropriate difference. Rally car stickers pattern highlights the logo of the team and the main sponsor of the logo, the color and the team's overall VI design style, in order to better achieve the publicity effect. Venue race car stickers often see the flame, flag, Car Sticker wave and other dynamic patterns, for the car racing a lot of color. The same time as

Sticker class modification

Modified stickers, refers to the various manufacturers for the exhibition or the promotion of new products in the show car, often with a model or product designed specifically for the theme stickers, colorful, eye-catching. There are a lot of patterns is the symbol of the modified plant also modified some of the signs, Car Sticker after some well-designed and with, and modified the show car complement each other. The same time as

Personalized stickers

Personalized stickers, in accordance with the owner's personal preferences and taste, the amount of personalized custom stickers. Sports, artistic, practical, Car Sticker all kinds of style as long as the appearance of harmony and beauty, you can freely choose with, to design their own, to create their own style!

Car stickers not only diverse styles, posting method is also very simple, only need the following three steps on the OK:

First, the preparation of tools

We need to prepare the tools in advance before the stickers: car stickers, scraper, utility knives, hot hair and so on.

Second, the operation process

Make sure the body is clean and find the right place. First fixed on the side of the stickers, while the use of scraper gently scraping, while tearing the body paste itself to carry the end of the paper. Car Sticker To sink calm attention to the speed of slow and stable, the edge of the stickers with scraper scraping several times, so that the car stickers and the body more fit.

Third, follow-up inspection

Check the body and the car sticks are isolated or protruding place, if there is a bubble can be used to gently draw a knife to the inside of the gas release just fine, Car Sticker in the appropriate time can also use the hairdryer in the top of the screen heating , Then the body material softening and body fit.