Label Size Is Too Small, Or Special Shape

Label label for the area is too small, or complex shapes (such as the five-pointed star-shaped label) are not easy automatic exhaust, such problems can try to increase the exhaust side to resolve the problem (can be replaced with a steel plate or a metal ruler exhaust roller, exhaust point greatly increases). Waste by hand if necessary.

Glue back lead to cutting continuously

For many of the hot-melt adhesive or thick adhesive glue, glue in the die-cutting process is very easy to return back by cutting them from sticking together, cause very serious phenomenon resulting in a die-cut drawing of glue in the process label being exhaust side-band phenomenon. Run into this problem, you can take the form of reduced die-cutting process temperature to reduce the backflow of glue. Must keep cutting tools sharp, so that tools can instantly cut through the glue layer to reduce the backflow of glue. If even the die cutting process can also be used to increase printing speed to reduce the backflow of glue.