Label With The Exhaust Side Is Up

When die-cutting tool are not completely cut through adhesive material's surface, it is easy to label is exhausting. Die-cut labels caused by constantly exhaust side is very regular, is basically with the label location label and exhaust side adhesion phenomena. If it is a multiple die-cutting, the cutting position problems are fixed. This problem is mainly due to die-cutting tool breakage, uneven cutting pressure caused.

Die-cutting has been a self-adhesive material problems die-cutting process, and more simple to solve, just replace the broken blade or adjust the cutting pressure can be resolved. Of particular note here is, there are times when some part of the die-cutting tool due to uneven pressure and wear and tear than other parts of ill using this tool die-cut labels while the tool surface without apparent damage but also prone to cutting continuous phenomena. Determine whether the die-cutting continuously due to tool wear serious concentration of die-cut method is to look at the end of the paper, undercut already have significant indentation on surface layer is off and continue the circumstances should be considered for die-cut knife replacement blade.