Many Kinds Of Car Stickers

The so-called car stickers are essentially a special kind of paper, mainly a variety of materials such as PVC or PET, in the material can also be divided into engraving and printing type, for different stickers, the use of a big difference, such as PVC has a good chemical stability, and the price is relatively low, Car Sticker But with poor heat resistance and very large odor, and pet Although the performance of the better, but the price is not cheap and do not absorb water.

Car stickers are on the body surface affixed with a variety of stickers, so that the body more colorful and gorgeous. Car stickers can not only highlight the body contour line, but also to coordinate the body color, giving people a rich association and comfortable psychological feeling.

Classification of stickers for automobiles

1, sports stickers: This kind of sticker actually we can see in each race car race or the movie, the main sticker pattern is regarding the team standard of the team or some designs and so on, in addition there are some car stickers are the sponsor's title such as F1 car often have some sponsor's trademark on above.

2, Personalized stickers: This sticker is also the most common sticker on the market, Car Sticker but also according to the owner's personal preferences to choose, in the shop or entity shop can be purchased, such as some more common cartoon patterns, landscape maps or some network terms.

3. Modified sticker: This is generally used by the modified manufacturers, and in the auto show often can be seen in this kind of theme, the general use of the group is colorful, Car Sticker very attractive to consumers, and are based on different models to carry out the most suitable pattern, so it looks more enjoyable.

Notes on Car stickers

1, for the internship, such as the use of the corresponding practice signs, this is based on the laws of China's traffic regulations, and the use of stickers are unified style, Car Sticker and in the internship period of 12 months are more pasted.

2, car stickers different use a number of special colors, for ordinary owners in the purchase of stickers on the body color modification, you must not stick to the red Fire special, Car Sticker national law enforcement on the hundreds of blue and other collocation, otherwise it will be fined a certain amount.

3, car stickers can not be used some very fancy, unhealthy patterns, too fancy patterns will affect the normal driving of other owners, and unhealthy patterns in addition to the above also has an annual audit can not pass the impact, so the owner also needs to choose carefully.