Metal Etched Products Without Burrs

Metal etching is also known as metal corrosion, or photochemical etching. Metal products etching spray etching efficiency, fast, high precision, Metal Etching suitable for a certain amount of production, production easy to achieve automatic control, but the equipment into large, but also not suitable for special-shaped workpiece and large workpiece etching; Type etching equipment into small, easy etching, the use of a wide range of parts.

Commonly referred to as metal etching, also known as photochemical etching (photochemical etching), refers to the exposure plate, after the development of the metal etching area will be the protective film removed in the metal etching contact with chemical solution to achieve the role of corrosion corrosion, the formation of convex or hollow Forming effect. It can be used in the production of copperplate, Metal Etching zinc plate and other printed embossed version, is also widely used to reduce the weight (Weight Reduction) instrument panel, Metal Etching nameplate and traditional processing is difficult to process the processing of thin parts, such as continuous improvement and process equipment Development, can also be used for aviation, machinery, chemical industry in the electronic sheet parts precision metal etching products processing, especially in the semiconductor process, metal etching is indispensable technology.

Metal etching is the first on the substrate with silk screen or screen printing on the substrate to protect the need to cover the site, and then chemical or electrochemical way to erase unwanted parts, and finally receded the protective film to get a kind of processing products The Is the production of signs, circuit boards, metal crafts, metal engraving and other key steps in the process. The original technology industry production and application is in the printed silk road version, because the silk screen of fine and dense thread, Metal Etching machining is difficult to complete. Different metal materials, different nature, different etching pattern accuracy, different etching depth, the etching method used, the process and the etching solution used is very different, the use of photosensitive materials are also different.

General precision electronic parts often choose metal etching, metal etching What are the benefits?

1, to deal with the complex shape of metal parts, such as thin stainless steel mesh is a very typical example. Through the use of etching technology can reduce the difficulty of molding and processing costs.

2, if the product is very thin (thickness between 0.03mm - 1mm), the use of other processes, Metal Etching it may lead to product deformation. While the etching can ensure that the product is not deformed. Under normal circumstances, the thinner the product, the higher the precision.

3, metal etching process does not change the metal material hardness, strength, formability and other physical properties.

4, some metal materials in the stamping process is easy to break, Metal Etching and easy to produce curling hair assassination, affecting the product assembly, Metal Etching and etching to ensure that these materials intact.

5, magnetic soft materials in the metal after etching to maintain their original physical properties.

6, metal etching out of the product without burrs.