Metal Etching Is An Indispensable Technique

Metal etching is the removal of materials using chemical or physical impact. Metal etching technology can be divided into two types of wet etching and dry etching.

Generally refers to the metal etching, also known as photochemical metal etching, Metal Etching refers to the exposure plate, developed, the metal etching area will be the protective film removed in the metal etching contact with chemical solution to achieve the role of corrosion corrosion, Metal Etching the formation of convex or hollow forming effect.

It can be used in the production of copperplate, zinc plate and other printed embossed version, is also widely used to reduce the weight (Weight Reduction) instrument panel, nameplate and traditional processing is difficult to process the processing of thin parts, such as continuous improvement and process equipment Development, Metal Etching can also be used for aviation, machinery, chemical industry in the electronic sheet parts precision metal etching products processing, especially in the semiconductor process, metal etching is indispensable technology.

Metal etching technology has a long history, is an old and new, both ordinary and cutting-edge technology.With the development of new technologies, new product development, metal etching technology play an increasingly important role.

The manufacturing method of the metal etching is a manufacturing method of etching and copying a drawing and an image on a metal plate. Which is characterized by the computer through the color or gray screen to adjust to the best gray-scale mode screen, Metal Etching the gray-scale mode screen into a bitmap mode screen, the screen from the computer output by the camera, made film version, the film version of the coating And then the screen printing plate image is printed on the surface of the metal plate which has been cut and degreased and polished, and the surface of the metal plate is printed on the surface of the metal plate The screen is etched, cleaned, dried, colored, polished, preserved, painted and dried. Its advantages are simple operation, Metal Etching easy to large quantities of industrial production, finished product quality and stability, the picture three-dimensional sense of strong, bright colors, framed or paste can be used as art supplies long-term storage and viewing.