Metal Etching Is An Indispensable Technology

Metal etching is the removal of materials using chemical reactions or physical impacts. Metal etching technology can be divided into wet metal etching and dry metal etching two categories.

What is the principle of metal etching?

Usually refers to the metal etching is also called photochemical etching, refers to through exposure plate-making, development, will be metal etching area of the protective film removal, in the metal etching contact with chemical solution, to achieve the role of dissolution corrosion, Metal Etching formation of concave or hollow forming effect.

The earliest can be used to make copperplate, zinc and other printing concave and convex version, also widely used in weight reduction (Weight reduction) instrument panels, Metal Etching nameplates and traditional processing methods difficult to process the thin-shaped workpiece, such as processing; through continuous improvement and process equipment development, can also be used in aviation, machinery, The processing of precision metal etching products for electronic thin parts in the chemical industry, especially in the semiconductor manufacturing process, is an indispensable technology.

Before the metal etching process is before processing, Metal Etching it is to ensure that the screen printing inks and metal surface has a good adhesion to the key processes, it is necessary to thoroughly remove the metal etching surface oil and oxide film. Degreasing should be based on the oil situation of the workpiece to set the plan, preferably in the screen before the discharge of oil, to ensure the effect of oil removal. In addition to the oxide film in accordance with the type of metal and thickness of the film to choose the best etching solution to ensure that the surface clean. Metal Etching Before the screen printing to dry, if there is water, will also affect the adhesion of ink, but also affect the effect of the subsequent pattern etching even aliasing, affecting decorative effect.

Screen printing in accordance with the needs of printing to produce standard drawings budged printing screen version. Figure pattern Decoration process, screen printing mainly protective effect, coating the number of photosensitive glue more, in order to make a thicker screen template, so that the cover performance is good, etching the clarity of the figure. Screen version of the film under the action of light, produce photochemical reaction, Metal Etching make the light part cross-linked into the water of the plastic film, but not by the light part of the water dissolved and exposed to screen space, so that in the coated with a plastic film screen printing in line with the black-and-white Zhengyang pian pattern.

Metal etching processing in the gold industry is a very common process, generally using strong acidic solution corrosion of metal surface, the common metal etching liquid is ferric chloride, Metal Etching but this is very polluting things, not environmental protection. Simply put, the metal etching treatment is to keep the part you want to block up, to corrode the part exposed, and then wash a corrosive bubble bath became.