Metal Etching Practicality

Metal etching definition: metal etching (etching), also known as metal corrosion, or photochemical metal etching is the use of metal materials to remove the photochemical reaction technology is an extension of the stamping process is a more specialized embodiment of metal etching.

Metal etching technology has a long history, is an old and new, both the general and cutting-edge technology.With the development of new technologies, new product development, Metal Etching metal etching technology play an increasingly important role.This article more comprehensive introduction to this A technology, easy to understand, practical and strong.

The principle of metal etching: refers to the process through the exposure process, Metal Etching the product of the graphics transferred to the metal plate, the metal etching area will be the protection of the region to remove the protective film exposed metal parts, and then play a role in the chemical solution of corrosion, The formation of embossed semi-engraved or hollow forming effect. Zhuo Li of the continuous improvement and process equipment development, is currently used in aviation, machinery, chemical industry in the electronic sheet parts precision metal etching products processing, especially in the semiconductor process, Metal Etching metal etching is indispensable technology.

The process of metal etching process is explained

Metal types are different, the metal etching process is also different, but the general process is as follows: metal etching plate → degreasing → washing → erosion → washing → drying → screen printing → dry → flooding 2 ~ 3min → metal Etching pattern text → washing → removing ink → washing → pickling → washing → electrolytic polishing → washing → washing or plating → washing → hot water washing → drying → soft cloth polishing (polishing) light → spraying transparent paint → drying → inspection → finished product package.

Metal etching is first on the substrate with silk screen or screen printing on the substrate to protect the need to cover the site, and then chemical or electrochemical way to erase unwanted parts, and finally receded the protective film to get a kind Is the production of signs, circuit boards, metal crafts, Metal Etching metal engraving and other key steps in the process. The original technology industry production and application is in the printed silk version, because the silk screen of fine and dense thread, machining is difficult to complete. Different metal materials, Metal Etching the nature of different, different metal etching pattern of different precision, different metal etching depth, the use of metal etching methods, processes and the use of metal etching solution is quite different, the use of photoresist materials Different.

1, chemical metal etching method - with strong acid or alkali solution directly to the workpiece is not protected parts of the chemical corrosion, which is currently the most used one method, the advantages of metal etching depth can be shallow and shallow, metal etching speed quickly, The disadvantage is that the corrosive solution has a lot of pollution to the environment, especially the metal etching solution is not easy to recover. And is harmful to the health of the operator in the production process.

2, electrochemical metal etching - this is an anode to do the work, the use of electrolyte power, anode dissolution, so as to achieve the purpose of metal etching method, Metal Etching the advantage is that environmental protection, the environmental pollution is very small, the health of the workers Harm, the disadvantage is that the depth of metal etching is small, large area metal etching, the current distribution is not uniform, the depth is not easy to control.

3, laser metal etching method - the advantages of linear edge neat non-pitting phenomenon, but the cost is high, about twice the chemical metal etching method. Printed circuit board industry, printing paste, the use of stainless steel wire mesh is mostly made of laser metal etching method.