More Types Of Packaging Boxes

The packaging box, as the name implies, is used for packaging products, which can be categorized by material such as: wooden boxes, cartons, cloth boxes, leather boxes, iron boxes, acrylic boxes, corrugated boxes, etc., can also be categorized by Product Name: Gift boxes, wine boxes, chocolate boxes, pens, food packaging boxes, tea boxes and so on. Now evolved into wood, paper and other materials are mixed together.

The packing box, including the lid, the box body, the hinge and the latch, the hinge is connected with the box cover and the box body, and the box cover and the box body are locked together by the latch to form the packing box.

Packaging function: To ensure the safety of products in transport, improve the grade of products. Packaging main materials: Dutch board, Gray board, MDF, acrylic, metal, corrugated and so on. Product packaging is an important part of the product, it not only in the transport process to protect the role, Packaging Box but also directly related to the comprehensive quality of products.

The following are the packing materials and packing forms commonly used in packaging boxes:

The packing material of common packing box is as follows:

1 White type-plain white, copy paper, wrinkle paper;

2) Bubble paper/poly velvet/sponge/pearl cotton;

3 Carton Type-white box, brown box, color box.

Packaging boxes are often used for internal packaging, generally have the following types:

1 Color box: It is divided into corrugated color box and no corrugated color box;

2 Ordinary brown Corrugated box: Commonly used for 3-layer corrugated box and 5-Layer corrugated box, product packaging, Packaging Box generally with tape sealing;

3 White box: can be divided into corrugated (3-storey or 5-storey) white box and no corrugated white box, product packaging generally to use tape sealing;

4 Display Box: Its type is more, mainly has the color display box, with the PVC lid's display box and so on, through this packing can see the product in the packing box intuitively;

5 Gift Box: More for jewelry, stationery and other products packaging, more kinds.

Packing box According to the material classification, has the paper packing box, the wooden packing box, the Leather packing box, the plastic packing box and the metal packing box, according to the form has the Clamshell book box, the World lid box and so on, according to the use has the business gift box and the personal gift packing box and so on