Packing Box Improves Transport Efficiency

In the sales and transportation of goods packaging, from factories to wholesale stores, supermarkets or shopping malls, to consumer homes, the protection of goods is very important, packaging box structure should have the following several main functions.

1. Protection function

The shape and structure of the box body can withstand pressure, shockproof, the bottom and sealing firmly, the use of materials with product weight to adapt to the strength, Packaging Box even in the case of the need for moisture, waterproof, impact and other functions. It is the first function to emphasize the real and reliable protection of goods.

2. Convenient function

Paper packaging structure is simple, reasonable design, conducive to folding, opening and closing, flat stack and custody. Attention to the design of the box to be able to carry convenient, Packaging Box open and close operation Simple, hand-held parts firmly durable. The volume of transport is as small as possible, which can reduce costs and improve transport efficiency. Before the shipment of goods can be flat-panel folding stacked, Packaging Box the whole box easy to combine, on the shelves to facilitate the centralized display.

3. Economic nature of production

The production process should be rationalized, the processing technology is not cumbersome, the paper material utilization rate is high, the cutting material cutting reasonable, as far as possible not waste material, can reduce the cost.

4. Beautiful shape structure

Packaging box not only represents the performance of goods, but also has the art of packaging modeling, reflecting the beauty of goods, can appeal to consumers. Packaging Box The appearance of the shape also embodies the characteristics of the outer shape and the national style, so that the packaging becomes a rich artistic interest, Packaging Box the spiritual connotation of the national culture works.

5, the marketability of

Marketable means that the packaging in the store sales and placement should have publicity effect, in the display should have commercial advertising functions, especially supermarkets and open shelves of the emergence of shopping malls, so that the sale of packaging is very useful. When the product is launched, Packaging Box the packaging has the function of pop advertising and display frame. The strategy of packaging box design and corporate image unification is also to be considered. The use of shopping bags and advertising gifts, both the dissemination of merchandise information and spread the corporate culture.