Rotary Die-cutting Tool Version And The Printed Version Mismatch

1, and the roll stickers does not close

Due to an adhesive label is used in letterpress printing, print resin version with double sided adhesive stickers on the roll surface. If plates are not great stickers on the roll surface, cause warping on the version of the interface relative to die cutting plates for short. Die-cutting solutions to such phenomena in the plate after plate rolls so that stickers on roll surface of the plate better.

2, can also be affected by die-cutting

Pulin too resin version, for example, according to their hardness can be divided into KF, EF, SF, UF and many other types. The more commonly used for the KF and EF categories. Its hardness is 65 and 55 degrees. Use different hardness of stress deformation of plates in the printing process is not the same, thus also affects the cutting precision.