The Application Of Metal Etching Is More And More Valued

Metal etching is also known as metal corrosion, or photochemical etching. Refers to the exposure of the developer process, transfer the graphics of the product to the metal sheet, the area to be etched to protect, Metal Etching will not need to etch the area of the protective film exposed to the metal part, and then the chemical solution to the corrosion, finally forming a concave-convex half carved or hollow forming effect, this is metal etching.

Metal etching can process SUS 304 stainless steel grades of stainless steel, and can also be processed such as SUS 316 stainless steel, copper, brass, beryllium copper, MX215 and other alloy materials. 304 stainless Steel material is the most widely used, Metal Etching because the material itself corrosion resistance is relatively strong, etching after finishing the product, whether it is the size of the product, Metal Etching precision or surface can fully meet customer requirements.

Characteristics of metal etching

1. Objective. The so-called goal, is through a process of the whole procedure has a clear output, or to achieve a specific purpose. For metal etching, the purpose is to meet the requirements of its design drawings for the product, more specifically, Metal Etching these requirements include product etching size requirements, after etching the surface roughness requirements.

2. Inner nature. The so-called intrinsic nature, refers to a public welfare process must have its own specific content, can also be said to be the authenticity of content. Metal Etching These elements are included in each step of the process, as well as the behavioral processes of all the operators involved in these steps.

3. Integrity. The so-called integrity, refers to the process of at least two or more than two of the process composition. Because as a process flow process can not be done by a process, and a processing step can not be completed in the process flow, at least two or two steps and related activities to establish a basic structure or relationship to be able to transfer. For the metal etching process, Metal Etching it is also by a number of processes, the process parameters of each process, the tools of each procedure and its associated equipment, Metal Etching a complete set of process specifications, and is inseparable from each other.

With the development of economy and social progress, the application of metal etching has been paid more and more attention. For example, the production of travel souvenirs, high-grade nameplate, Metal Etching medals, encoder plates and display electrodes, printing rollers and templates, fine parts and so on, are inseparable from the metal etching technology.