The Importance Of Packing Box

Packaging box to the local specialty sales of important pulling role, especially in the supermarket terminals with "eye-catching" effect of the packaging will make the product stand out, become the object of consumer concern. Therefore, small and medium-sized local specialties enterprises in limited investment, relying on market terminals pull, publicity and promotion of the limitations of the characteristics of the impact, Packaging Box the need to create a suitable for their own packaging design system, and ultimately in contact with consumers the first place-terminal, the formation of a strong visual appeal and sales force.

Packaging box is a brand concept, product characteristics, consumer psychology, shopping to buy points of the visual synthesis of the form, it can arouse consumer concern, directly stimulate the purchase impulse of consumers. Packaging box is a friend who can talk, the visual appeal of the box, Packaging Box is to connect products and consumer perceptual tools. Packaging box is an effective extension of the product, packaging box also with the product blending, strengthen the product has a unique appeal value, so that consumers in the selection can clearly clear, Packaging Box in a short period of time to understand the characteristics of products and buy points. In addition, the packaging box can also convey product information, promote sales, improve product value-added.

Creative, innovative packaging box can make products competitive, not only spread, beautify, promotional products, and encourage consumers to spend money trying. Therefore, a good box is a sales promotion of the packaging box, resulting in the same as advertising has the appeal and influence effect of the propeller role. Or, a good packaging box is to reflect the brand image of the enterprise, to meet the psychological needs of consumers and value orientation, can intuitively reflect the product differentiation selling point, etc., Packaging Box in the dazzling shopping malls head, stand out.

In the packaging design practice, we need to pay special attention to the relationship between packaging design and planning, can not be planning and packaging design completely cut off. The reason for this operation, the purpose is to market-oriented, consumer psychological appeal and preferences as the Guide, in the full understanding of the market and consumers on the basis of analysis and carding, from the overall situation of service enterprises as a starting point, rather than for the packaging box design packaging. In-depth market, Packaging Box in-depth consumer mind, to be able to rely on, so as to avoid behind closed doors, armchair situation. At the same time, we can think about the brand orientation of service enterprises, brand core appeal, the main line after the determination, also has a clear direction, this is like the bow and arrow fitted with precision aiming mirror, imagine, Packaging Box if there is no clear direction, and then exquisite packaging box design can arouse consumer desire to buy, How can they get their approval and love?

Whether a commodity can have good sales performance must be tested by the market. In the whole marketing process, the packaging box plays an extremely important role, it uses its own unique image language and consumer communication, to affect the consumer's first emotion, the consumer at the first sight of it when it is packaged box of products interest. It can both promote success and lead to failure, and the absence of a revealing box will allow consumers to sweep through. With the continuous development and perfection of China's market economy, Packaging Box the vast number of consumers have become increasingly mature and rational, the market gradually revealed the "buyer's Market" characteristics, which not only increased the difficulty of product marketing, but also make the packaging box design encountered unprecedented challenges, driving the product packaging box to grasp the public's consumer psychology, toward more scientific, Higher-level direction.