The Use Of Poker

Poker is probably the most famous entertainment in the 21st century, both domestic and foreign, there are a large number of licensees in use. A pair of cards have 54, 52 genuine, 2 cards, there are various types of color with aided. So what kind of poker can change the use of it?

1 leisure and entertainment

This is the most common play in our lives, from the swept the world of Texas poker, to the local characteristics of a strong landlord. Are using poker, of course, Playing Cards many of China's playing cards are not just playing 54, will use 108 or more. The recreational use of poker has always been known to us.

2 education

In the child's enlightenment stage, many parents will buy all kinds of learning tools. In fact, the poker card is also a good child learning tool, whether it is digital learning, or simply than the size, or even the same color, etc., poker in mathematics, to allow children to learn a lot.

3 magic

No matter how the magic changes, close-up magic is the most important props - poker, the domestic we are familiar with the magic master Liu Qian, in the spring night also used a variety of poker mode. Playing Cards In the recent hot magic film "shaking demons Pirates", the magician is the use of poker, completed the final big magic.

4 divination

Poker itself is evolved from the Tarot, the Tarot is a kind of Western divination. Such as poker in the clown, from the Tarot in the first card, fool. Many people wonder why the Queen of the Queen is a small card than the clown, in the Tarot, the Queen of the Tarot is a small card in the Tarot card, Playing Cards naturally small than the fool friends. Therefore, from the Tarot evolved from the playing cards, can also be used for simple divination.

5 military training

This is a small card today when the news to see, in order to participate in military training teachers have a good attitude, playing cards in the neck. Playing Cards It seems that after military training and a small coup.

6 Calculate the winning or losing of the hand

The size of the poker is the same, placed light, whether it is winning or losing, or other billing methods, can be a good alternative.

7 count of table tours

In the face of a large number of desktop games, you need to put each person in accordance with the number of arrangements, this time, Playing Cards generally with the help of poker. Life home helper!

8 weapons

In a lot of gamblers, gambling, gambling and other films, we often see, playing cards, but also one of these bigwigs weapons, the sharpness of its self-evident. In real life, we also see the poker can be inserted into the Apple's screen, playing cards can also be used at a critical moment, of course, the premise is that you need to practice ~