The Way To Post Stickers Is Also Very Simple

Car stickers can be divided into sports stickers, modified stickers and personalized stickers three categories.

Three categories of car stickers

Sports car Sticker

Sports stickers, mainly refers to the car sports stickers, venues and rally used models and track each have different, car stickers also have a corresponding difference. Rally Car Sticker Design highlights the team's logo and the main sponsor's logo, color matching and the team's overall VI style, Car Sticker in order to better achieve the publicity effect. Site racing car stickers often meet with flame, flag, waves and other dynamic patterns, for the car sports to add a lot.

Auto Sticker Type Modification

Modified stickers, refers to the various manufacturers to participate in or promote new products in the exhibition car, often in line with a model or product and specifically designed theme stickers, colorful, compelling. There are a lot of patterns are modified factory logo also some of the signs of modification, Car Sticker after a careful design and collocation, and modified with the exhibition car to complement each other.

Personalized Car Stickers

Personalized stickers, according to the owner's personal preferences and taste, the volume of customized custom stickers. Sports, art, practicality, a variety of styles as long as it looks harmonious and beautiful, Car Sticker you can freely choose to match, self-designed, to create their own style!

Car stickers not only a variety of styles, the Post method is very simple, only need the following three steps on the OK:

I. Tool preparation

In front of the sticker we need to prepare the tools in advance: Car stickers, scraper, knife, hot hair and so on.

II. Operation Process

Keep the body clean and find the right location. First fixed on the side of the sticker, while using the scraper gently scraping, Car Sticker while tearing off the body stickers themselves carry the backing paper. To sink the heart to pay attention to slow and steady, the car sticker edge with scraper more than a few times, so that car stickers and body more fit.

III. FOLLOW-UP examination

Check the body and car stickers if there is separation or protrusion of the place, if there is a bubble in the case can be used to use the knife to the blade of the gas inside the release of the good, in the appropriate time can also use the wind cylinder in the picture above the heating, the body material softening and body more fitting